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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What happens when i join Express Soccer Academy for the first time?

Answer: The player will be taken to his/her right age category where he/she will be assessed for some fewbsessions then he/she will be grouped according to his/her playing abilities.

2. How long is the training session/ season?

Answer:Training session depends on the age i.e the Under 5 and U7 group will optimumly train for one hour while the Under 9 to U13 will need a much longer training like 2 hours. In between there are water breaks for atleast 3 minutes.

3. Do you provide boarding facility?

Answer:Unfortunately we don't provide any boarding facilities. All our players are dropped and picked by their parents/ guardians.

4. Can i get soccer scholarship through Express Soccer Academy?

Answer: At the moment there are no direct soccer scholarships provided by the academy though we are pursuing avenues where talented players who are also academically sound can get oppotunities to study and play football both locally and abroad. The scholarship only applies to those who are in or about to join college.

5. Can i come with my own kits?

Answer:No. The academy has official kits (Home and Away) all players are required to order upon joining.

6. Are all players elligible for international & Local tournaments and Summer camps?

Answer: As much as we encourage our players to take part in 1 or 2 local or international tournaments within a year, some tournamets have specific technical requirement which only allows the elite players (Stars) to participate.

7. Is there a program for the elite player?

Answer: Yes. The high perfomance program is tailor made to meet the specific needs of elite players. Other players who have shown great technical improvement can also be enrolled in the program.