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Terms & Conditions

Player Code of Conduct

The Express soccer Academy is committed to the long-term development of the junior and youth football player as a well-rounded athlete and productive and respected citizen. Therefore each player will be expected to follow the Code of Conduct and each Parent is expected to help enforce these principles.

- Love the game. Have Fun. Play to win.
- Learn the official Rules. Play by the rules.
- Don’t argue and abuse game officials, opponents and spectators.
- Accept victory and defeat with dignity.
- Players will shake hands with their opponents after each game.
- Respect teammates, coaches, Parents, game officials and achievements of the opponent.
- Co-operate with your coach, teammates and the opposition. Without them there is NO game.
- Always try to perform to the Best of your ability. This way, your Team will benefit from your effort.
- Promote the Code of Conduct to all.
- Always be in your express home kit for training and home marches. Wear green kit for away marches.
- Observe high level of discipline and sportsmanship.

Parent Code of Conduct

Parents of the Express soccer academy serve as important role models to their children and to all the other children and Parents that they can come into contact with on the football field. Therefore the Express soccer academy limited expects each parent to agree to the following code of conduct principles.

- Agree to abide by the Code of Conduct
- Express soccer Parents will learn the rules of the game and understand the game format for their child age group.
- Remember that Children participate in SPORT for their enjoyment, not for yours.
- Encourage children to participate and NOT force them. Leave the coaching to the coach.
- Encourage children to play by the Rules.
- Never yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game.
- Respect teams, other Spectators and game officials and their decisions. Teach Children to do the same.
- Show appreciation for coaches and game officials.
- Remember Children Learn by example.
- Express soccer Parents will follow a 48 – Hour Rule before contacting coaches after a game.
- Promote the Code of Conduct to all.
- Parents must pay the coaching fees within the 1 and 2 week of the term.

Coaches Code of Conduct

Soccer is the player’s game. The paramount concern of coaches is the holistic development, welfare, enjoyment and safety of their players.

Coaches bear the responsibility for teaching players to strive for success while playing fairly, observing the laws of the game and the highest levels of sportsmanship.

Coaches shall treat officials with respect and dignity, and shall teach their players to do the same.Our opponents are worthy of being treated with respect. Coaches will model such respect for opponents and expect their players to do likewise.

Coaches must respect the objectives and comply with published rules of any association the Academy has a relationship with.

Coaches will not engage in actions that may bring any related associations, its members or the game of soccer into disrepute.

In both victory and defeat, the behavior of the coach shall model grace, dignity and composure.

Coaches must remember that our objective is not winning a game and more so providing the opportunity for our players to demonstrate and develop their game.

Coaches shall adhere to the highest standards and the regulations of the Academy.

Coaches shall present themselves in a professional manner at all times while representing the Academy.

Coaches have a responsibility to promote the interests of soccer, including treating the media with courtesy honesty and respect.

Coaches shall model inclusive behavior, actively supporting cultural diversity while opposing all types of discrimination, including but not limited to, racism and sexism, at all levels of the game.

Coaches are responsible for taking an active role in education about, and prevention and treatment of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse, both in their lives and in the lives of their players.

Coaches shall refrain from all manner of personal abuse and harassment of others, whether verbal, physical, emotional or sexual, and shall oppose such abuse and harassment at all levels of the game.

Coaches are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their players and spectators.

Coaches shall seek to honor those who uphold the highest standards and principles of soccer and shall use appropriate protocol to oppose and eliminate all behavior that brings disrepute to the sport – violence, abuse, dishonesty, disrespect and violations of the laws of the game and rules governing competition.

Limit the amount of coaching done from the sidelines during games to only when necessary.

Coaches shall not knowingly recruit players signed as a full-time member at any other Academies.

Download a copy:

Kindly Click here to download a copy of the Terms and Conditions document.