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Communication Policy 

Express Soccer Club and its staff and volunteers shall use contact information provided by adult players and by parents/guardians of youth players.  Parent permission should initially be obtained to contact a youth directly if the youth’s contact information was not originally provided (i.e. at the point of registration).  Contact details are not to be shared beyond the coaching staff, without that parent’s or adult player’s permission.

E-mail, Coded EXPRESS SC SMS and telephone are the MAIN methods of communication with EXPRESS SOCCER ACADEMY.  General or Club-related e-mail enquiries can be sent info@expresssoccceracademy.com or expresssports2012@gmail.com  and telephone enquiries made to  0740072901 or 0720094049.  If required, e-mails and phone messages will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

EXPRESS SOCCER ACADEMY Social Media sites are used to post information ONLY and are NOT monitored regularly.

Enquiries requiring a response are to be made by phone and e-mail.  This is the most efficient means of handling enquiries.

EXPRESS SOCCER ACADEMY will always strive to respond to enquiries within a reasonable time frame.  Enquiries will generally be answered between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm from Monday to Sunday, with the exception of holidays and Club events.

Internal communications between Club staff, Board members and volunteers should be responded to within 48 hours.

While WhatsApp is increasingly used as the World’s quickest media of communication, its however an informal means to communicate, it is generally not to be used for Club business. WhatsApp is appropriate to inform administration office of a last-minute absence or to obtain correct details about a game or practice time and location, unless otherwise directed Clubs administrator.  It may also be appropriate as quick communication between Club staff, but should be agreed upon beforehand.

Written notes are not an appropriate means of communication with Express Soccer Academy staff and volunteers, as notes can easily be missed and an issue may not be dealt with as needed.  This makes it difficult to respond efficiently.

EXPRESS SOCCER ACADEMY will use it's website, www.expresssocceracademy.com as our main method of communicating with our members.  We will also e-mail parents and players with any pertinent information, including program details and registration dates, evaluation reports, upcoming events and deadlines, Club news and newsletter, topics of interest, etc.

Club Administrator will e-mail parents and players with team-related information, including practice and game times and locations, and details pertaining to the team and its activities.  They may also send Club-related information that they wish to highlight for team members.  Many teams also use sports-team communication platforms, like Teamer or TeamSnap, to centralize team communications.

EXPRESS SOCCER ACADEMY will use Club social media accounts to promote and celebrate the Club. Social media will be utilized to engage the surrounding community with information on EXPRESS SOCCER programs, its members, teams, and soccer in general.

Please see the Express Soccer Academy Social Media Policy for more information.

All communication should be respectful and free of profanities and vulgar or offensive language.  Avoid any language that is or could be interpreted as being racist, sexist, derogatory, threatening, abusive or sexualized in tone.

EXPRESS SOCCER requires a 24-hour “Cooling-off Period” before taking up a question or concern with coaches, managers or the Club.  This provides an opportunity to remove emotion from an issue and resolve it in a calm manner.  Team members and officials are not required to deal with angry or upset individuals and will ask that you wait the 24 hours before bringing up your concern.  Club staff will also respect the 24-hour rule before taking up a question or concern with parents, other coaches or the Club.

When a coach is unable to resolve an issue, the matter should be addressed with the Club by contacting the office at expresssports2012@gmail.com or info@expresssocceracademy.com .

You must report any instance of inappropriate communication that you or anyone else receives to info@expresssocceracademy.com

Any instances of a child feeling uncomfortable with a communication or being told to keep something a secret must be reported to info@expresssocceracademy.com

Coaches should advise children to tell an adult they trust if this ever happens to them.